About Us

We are "Connecting People for Good" by manufacturing and supplying products for electric utility, civil / construction and communication markets.

Our areas of product expertise include: automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution and substation applications, surge arresters, pole line hardware, aluminum and ductile clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications, bonding and grounding products, anchoring systems, and more!

The MPS Service Center located in Fort Mill, SC, serves customers globally and we operate manufacturing facilities in the USA, Brazil and Thailand.

"I am the customer service account specialist. My job details entering purchase orders and providing information to the customer. I maintain relationships with our existing customers and build new relationships".

Colette Orlandi

Customer Account Specialist
Employee Since  2022

"My passion lies in exploring ways to manufacture our products in the fastest, safest, and most consistent way possible. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve existing processes and researching new technologies, so we are better tomorrow than we are today. Think of me as your best friend, if you have a problem, I want to know about it and together we will address it.”

Harsh Patel

Manufacturing Engineer  
Employee since 2017

"My job is to interface with sales, marketing, and production to deliver new innovative products and improve existing products and processes. I also support production with all the technical requirements needed to produce our product offering."


Jim WhiteHead

Senior Design Engineer 
Employee since 2020