About Us

We are "Connecting People for Good" by manufacturing and supplying products for electric utility, civil / construction and communication markets.

Our areas of product expertise include: automatic splices and bolted connectors, silicone rubber non-ceramic insulators for transmission, distribution and substation applications, surge arresters, pole line hardware, aluminum and ductile clamps, fiberglass brackets and guy strains, steel fabrications, bonding and grounding products, anchoring systems, and more!

The MPS Service Center located in Fort Mill, SC, serves customers globally and we operate manufacturing facilities in the USA, Brazil and Thailand.

"I provide the geotechnical engineering services by reviewing a project's soil information and loading requirements to provide a product recommendation. Ensuring that an economical and structurally sound product that fits your project's needs is delivered."

Dylan R, P.E.

Excalibur High Capacity Pile
Project Engineer
Employee since 2015

"I like the work – the drawing itself. I take customer and manufacturer requests and flesh them out using AutoCAD and Solidworks to make the drawings."


Engineering Technician
Employee since 2015

"Being an engineer in the deep foundation industry for almost 20 years I would have never thought that Civil engineering would have led me down this path. It is a pleasure to work for a company with such innovative products for the construction industry. ”


Anchor Engineering Manager
Employee since 2010


Who we are

MacLean Civil Products is a division of MacLean-Fogg Company. Founded in 1925, MacLean-Fogg offered the Number 1 lock nut to North America's railroads. Through innovative product development and selected acquisitions, the business has grown into a worldwide enterprise with facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia with sales exceeding $1 billion annually.

To learn more about MacLean-Fogg visit our website:

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