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The Unfair Advantage

The Manta Ray® Anchor System by MacLean Power Systems is the recognized industry leader in driven anchoring technology. The ease of installation, coupled with the durability of the anchor itself, gives us a truly unfair advantage in the market and makes the Manta Ray® an easy choice for your install teams. The Manta Ray® is strong enough to cut through tough soils and even asphalt, but compact enough to be installed in tight, hard-to-reach places with handheld equipment.



MacLean’s Manta Ray® anchors can be installed in a variety of applications and offer light to heavy-duty holding capacities. All Manta Ray® anchors are made of galvanized ductile iron and have a Patented chiseled tooth design.

Check out some of them below to see how Manta Ray® can be helpful for your next job.

  • Block Wall

  • Gabion

  • Articulated Concrete Block Mat

  • Sea Wall

Features & Advantages

Manta Ray® anchors eliminate the guesswork of capacity. Installation and anchor holding capacity proof testing occur simultaneously during install. The hydraulic-powered Manta Ray® Anchor Load Locker pulls up on the anchor rod to set the anchor in the ground at the desired holding capacity. This Unfair Advantage provides contractors and engineers the verifiable proof loading during installation that keeps the job moving forward through instant feedback.

Load Locker

No more guess work, anchor holding capacity proof tested

Fast & Easy Installation

Using handheld or small equipment with small crews

All Soil Types

From steep hard slopes and asphalt to swamps

Global distribution network

Manta Ray anchors are support by the MPS Distribution Network

Patented Design

The Original Driven Percussion Anchor

Optimized Design

The Manta Ray® is designed as a virtually indestructible one-piece cast anchor plate, made from galvanized ductile iron. The chiseled tooth leading edge provides improved installation in a variety of soil conditions, from swamps to decomposed rock, to asphalt. Models MR-SR to MR-4 can also be installed with the same drive steel set manufactured from high-grade metals.

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