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Rootball Tiedown Kits

MacLean DuckBill® anchors provide the best rootball support for trees in the industry. When guying systems are not desirable, such as in playgrounds, parks, or where sidewalk planting is required, the DuckBill Rootball Kit will provide full tree support in a visibly pleasing package.

Rootball kits are available with DuckBill® 40, 68, and 88 anchors.

Rootball Tiedown Kits

Catalog Number Reference Number Description Standard pack Weight Ea (lbs)
K040A06GX020S6X 10622-II 40-RBK for up to 2" diameter trees 6 1.4
K068A12GX030S2X 10584-II 68-RBK for up to 3" diameter trees 6 2.2
K088A25GX042S3X 10645-II 88-RBK for up to 6" diameter trees 6 4.3

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