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Tree Support Tiedown Kits

MacLean DuckBill® anchors are the industry standard in tree guying systems. DuckBill® tree guying anchors are perfect for keeping trees vertical and limiting motion until the tree's root system can fully support the tree.

DuckBill® anchor assemblies are available with both coated and non coated galvanized wire.

Tree Support Tiedown Kits

Catalog Number Reference Number Description Standard pack Weight Ea (lbs)
K040A06GX144X 10233-II 40-DTS for trees up to 3" diameter 12 1.5
K040A06GC144X 10234-II 40-DTS-C clear vinyl coated wire 12 1.6
K068A12GX156T3X 10282-II 68-DTS for trees up to 6" diameter 6 3.6
K068A12GC156T3X 10283-II 68-DTS-C clear vinyl coated wire 6 4.1
K088A19GX180T6X 10311-II 88-DTS for trees up to 11" diameter 4 8.3
K088A19GC180T6X 10315-II 88-DTS-C clear vinyl coated wire 4 11.5

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