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Manta Ray® Load Locker

Load lockers are used to apply tension to the lock and proof load the anchor. They can also be used to aid in extracting the drive steel once the desired anchor depth has been reached. These kits come with a 20-ton load locker hydraulic piston with easy to read force gauge, steel mounting rack, internally threaded tension bar, and jack jaws. Each kit comes with a tension bar and jack jaw specific to the anchor rod being used.

Manta Ray® Load Locker Installation Equipment

Catalog Number Description Standard pack Weight Ea (lbs)
50127 LL-1 load locker kit for 1"-8 and 5/8"-11 UNC rods 1 151
50784 LL-1-CTB load locker kit for CTB rods 1 159
50901 LL-1-24-20 load locker kit for 3/4"-10 and 5/8"-11 UNC rods 1 151
50172 LL-2 manual load locking jack - 8,000 lbs 1 78

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