Building Strong FOundations 

The MacLean Street Light Foundations is a one-piece steel pile used to support light poles. The MPS helical foundation is rotated into the soil using simple hydraulic equipment. There are no spoils created during the installation and it eliminates the need to pour concrete footings. Our light pole bases are economical solutions that reduce the cost and labor associated with traditional concrete footings and allow for immediate pole mounting.

Key Advantages:


MPS' Street Light Foundations (SLF) offers state of the art key advantages to save you time and money while delivering a superior solution for your project. Hover over the icons on the right to see some of the benefits offered by our helical foundation anchors.



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DOT Approved

Our Streetlight Foundations go beyond the DOT and state requirements. Federally approved for all cities, states, and highways. 

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Enviromentally Friendly

Our Street Light Foundations have minimal effect on the terrain, environment, and wildlife making them a green foundation solution.

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Simple Installation

Install In Minutes 

-Less Labor 

-Day or Night 


-No Need for Concrete Trucks

-No Need for Tying Rebar or Setting Anchor Bolts 


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Site Specific Design

Custom built for your application our Street Light Foundations are engineered per project specification. 

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Features of Streetlight Foundation:

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Mounting Plate Variations

Mounting Plate Variations 

Structural steel mounting plate. Top plate notched to mark wiring slot location.

Two-sided wiring slot

Two-Sided Wiring Slot 

Standard wiring slot size is 2-5/8" x 12" long and is located 12" below the bottom of the top plate. 

Hot Dip Galvanization

Hot-Dip Galvanized

To Meet ASTM A123

Standard 3/8" Helix

Standard 3/8" Helix 

Heavy duty steel helix used to pull the foundation into the soil 

Pilot Tip

Pilot Tip

Used for accuracy and ease of installation 

WHy the MPS streetLight Foundation:

Street Light Foundation
Number of Installations: (Per Day) 35-40 4 2
Installation Equipment: 1 Piece Installation Equipment 2 Piece Installation Equipment 3 Piece Installation Equipment
Labor: Number of Crew 2 Man Crew 3 Man Crew 4 + Man Crew
Weight: 100-250 (lbs) 1,000-8,000 (lbs) _____
Material: Durable Steel Brittle Concrete Brittle Concrete
Cost Per Install: $63 $650 $2,195

*Cost per install is an estimate; final cost will vary based on labor rate, equipment availability and job size. Contact an MPS representative for help quoting specific projects.


Located in Trenton, Tennessee (USA). Our Street Light Foundations is a one-piece steel pile, welded, and custom designed to meet your needs for your solutions. 

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